What’s Wrong with the Russian Democracy

How democracy was misunderstood in Russia.

St. Petersburg Off the Beaten Track

Guide to the best off-the-beaten track experiences in St. Petersburg.

The Russian Elections Webcam Reality Show

How Russia turned from a country into a live reality show.

The Networks of Russian Protest Movement

Network analysis of the Russian protest groups on Facebook.

Tsiferblat Clockface Cafe

A new cafe in Moscow where everything is free except for the time.

Pokrovka St 12, Moscow
robinsout *at* gmail *dot* com

Commercial Silovik Networks

Unofficial cross-institutional networks in Russia's security bureaus - Russian Forbes article review.


Creative industries in Russia – a conversation with the founders of FIRMA, Moscow's most interesting communications bureau.

The Russian DIY All Terrain Vehicle

Created by a group of engineers at Urals, this all terrain platform can be attached to a car in 2 hours.

Misha Most

The Russian graffiti and visual artist.

TSAO, Moscow

Julian Assange on the US and Russia

Julian Assange in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist, e-flux 06/2011

From Russia with Software

An interview with Ruslan Fazlyev who runs Creative Development software company in Russia.

Favorite Russian Cinema Moments, Part 1

Our favorite moments from the Russian cinema, part 1.

The Best Spots on Baikal Lake

Our recommendation for this summer – the best stop along the Trans-Siberian railway.

Russian Politics, Ideology, and Fiction

The new book of Vladimir Pelevin offers an insight on contemporary Russian ideology.

The Russian Planetarium

The new playground for children and adults to be opened in Moscow in June.


A Moscow-based band playing woozily evocative new wave with a slightly nostalgic feel for the 80s.


The Countryside Resurrection and Organic Food in Russia

Become an organic farmer in Russia. Or at least find out where to get delicious healthy food in Moscow...


The Russian Elite

Who are the people running the country?

Film Chetyre

A film by Ilya Khrzhanovsky, 2004.

Strelka Institute

The new post-graduate institute for media, architecture and design in Moscow.

14, bldg. 5A, Bersenevskaya Embankment, Moscow, Russia
+7 495 771 74 37

Protey Temen

An artist and graphic designer from Moscow.

Moscow, Russia
ask *at* proteytemen *dot* com

Bolshoi Gorod

One of the best magazines on the life in Moscow. In Russian only, but hey now you've got a reason to learn it!



The online publication in Russian and English on art, sex, death, future, and humanity.

Anatoly Ulyanov
loooch *at* looo *dot* ch

The Red Hallucination

Mashushka’s psychotropic illustrations for children.

Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva
Ufa, Russia
info *at* mashushka *dot* com


The travel of a lifetime through Russia, Mongolia and China. Text by Francesco Dendi, photography by Silvia Ferrati.

Russian Space Landscapes

A screenshot of Yakutian and Siberian landscapes via Google Maps

Russian Performance Group Voina Loves the Police

On the 1st of March Russian "militsia" was renamed to "police". And the spring is starting...

Alexey Navalny

Investment-activist, popular blogger, and corruption fighter.

Moscow, Russia