Tsiferblat Clockface Cafe

A new cafe in Moscow where everything is free except for the time.

This new place in Moscow has a very interesting concept: you pay 1 rouble (3ยข) per minute and can do everything else for free. It’s possible to bring your own drinks and food (they offer free cookies and tea though), work on a computer (they have free wi-fi), play table games with friends, or just hang out.
When you come into Tsiferblat (means clock face in Russian), you are given a table and a clock with a timer. When you leave, you just need to pay for the time that’s on the clock and nothing else. Tsiferblat is opened since 14 October and you can come there daily from 10am until 1am.
Tsiferblat is centrally located between Kitai Gorod and Chistye Prudy station. When you reach the place, go into the courtyard and find a door with a clock face on it. Ring the bell and they’ll let you in.